Lenzing - Brand awareness initiative

Ambiguous brief with low chances of success? Challenge accepted.
Working with the brilliant Neha Abat, we put together a Storyline prototype to communicate our interpretation of Lenzing's new branding and how this could be communicated to their diverse range of employees.

What made this project interesting?

  • After winning the project, we explored multiple technical solutions to finally settle on the Adapt Framework.
  • The multilayered client sign off led to developing innovative processes that offered the customer incremental control and enabled the team to maintain forward momentum.
  • We delivered multiple prototypes for the UX/UI of the course.
  • Co-created the script for the splash-page animation with the learning designer.
  • I created the storyboard and an animatic to obtain the necessary client sign off before handing over to the UK-based animator.

Bid prototype - click the Tencel logo to explore

Adobe XD prototype
More work