Sydney Opera House  - Safety Induction Module

Building a safety induction course under a tight deadline with a limited budget using Storyline can be a daunting task. Still, it was a great opportunity to use a library of inspired system of components I build just for instances like this.

To address our different types of users, we developed proto-personas, based on the data and assumptions provided by our previous apps. These served as a starting point to reflect the needs and challenges of the user and possible solutions to be considered later for building the information architecture.
‘Safety is everyone’s responsibility.’
The most visited tourist attraction in Australia, the Sydney Opera House has thousands of performances every year and there are just as many workers behind the scenes that keep the show going. This safety induction course is aiming at keeping everyone safe when working on site.

What made this project interesting?

  • The project is of strategic importance as it is mandatory learning for all the SOH team members, contractors and partners that access the premisses.
  • The course needed to leverage the new branding guideline and provide a digital experience consistent with the overall digital presence of the organisation.
  • The course is brief and requires learners to complete critical tasks that will confirm the gained awareness before proceeding to the next stages of the course.
  • Team: working closely with an excellent cross-disciplinary team consisting of Learning Designer, Developer, Project Manager and the Subject Matter Expert on the client-side.


Working with the Learning Designer, I summarised the menu topics and produced the initial prototype proposal. At this stage, the length of the titles can change considerably, so I made sure that the proposals I had would scale without affecting the layout if needed, even if changes are requested mid-project.

The Australian based Subject Matter Expert working with our brilliant Learning Designer compiled the required information for the course, and I designed a 15 different components that we used in the final build produced by our team in South Africa. The final deliverable was a WCAG compliant SCORM package hosted on the client’s LMS.

Thanks for watching.