Postr Global

Postr Global users can earn $ credit with their network operator just by viewing targeted ads on their lock screen.

This page presents my own view and does not necessarily reflect the views of Postr and Netzclub. All confidential information has been omitted or obfuscated.

My Role

By collaborating with the internal stakeholders, I led discovery and validation experiments to propose features that would enhance the user experience.

The Team

Design Lead, CRO, CEO, CTO


Designed and tested the UX/UI experience for:


The original Postr app did a great job at validating the value proposition. Using orange as the primary brand colour and a combination of Lobster and Arial fonts, Postr provided an attention-grabbing look and feel. The ethos of this original design was translated into Postr's first partnership with Skinny.


The opportunity with the original design was to find a solution that maintains easy access to the value proposition whilst providing the means to scale without having to create a bespoke app from scratch with every new partnership.

Using the building blocks provided by and testing and validating our working hypothesis, we're entirely redesigned all the Postr apps and paved the way for a smoother experience for our users, and a more compelling business proposition for our partners. At its peak, Postr had products in 8 markets with another four awaiting official deployment.

Additionally, to improve handover and fast iteration on live prototypes, I've transferred all the new assets and created the new ones using Adobe XD and Whimsical.

Weather Feature


  • Current temperature visible at a glance.
  • Taping the weather icon once will display the full UI of the weather feature.
  • Taping the icon again will close the extended weather view.
  • Horizontal scroll for hourly weather forecast.


  • Widget to include 7 individually selectable days.
  • Temperature reading.
  • Individual weather icons.
  • Horizontal scroll hint  “ > “

News Feed Proposal


The News Feed has been one of the most appreciated features in the original Postr app, and the business decided to explore this option as a selling point with one of the partners.

My Role

  • Understand and reseach feature with competitors.
  • Sketch on paper a couple of proposals.
  • Decide on the option to pursue with stakeholders input.
  • Prototype using XD and After Effects.
  • Test and communicate learning.

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