Netzclub Plus

Netzclub customers can score 300MB of data every 30 days – just by viewing targeted ads on their Android phone lock screen.
This page presents my own view and does not necessarily reflect the views of Postr and Netzclub. All confidential information has been omitted or obfuscated.

My Role

I led the design and development, from research to prototyping and testing by collaborating with a range of internal and external stakeholders, from VP Product to UI developers, and everyone in between.

The Team

Design Lead, VP Product, Junior Designer, CTO, CEO, Engineers and Developers


Designed and tested the UX/UI experience for:

To address our different types of users, we developed proto-personas, based on the data and assumptions provided by our previous apps. These served as a starting point to reflect the needs and challenges of the user and possible solutions to be considered later for building the information architecture.

Definition of Target Groups


Problem Statement

How Might We retain and grow our audience around the new GDPR regulations?

Tasks & Goals


Facebook Banner Ad

Together with our Graphic Designer we created a range of banner Ads in support of the online marketing campaign.

Mobile Ad Guide

Developed a comprehensive “Ad creation” guide to enable the client’s in-house design resource to develop Ads.


Started from raw assets tohigh performing campaigns with an average 1% CTR.

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